NarragansettElementary School

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Faculty and Staff at Narragansett

Office Staff
Principal - Cynthia Remick
Assistant Principal - Erin Eppler
Administrative Assistant - Theresa Connolly
School Secretary - Mary-Kate Flaherty
Clinic Assistant - Beth Richards
Social Worker - Courtney Burns
School Resource Officer - Todd Gagnon


Elisha Melville - Library/Media Ed Tech
Laurie Chiasson - Art Teacher
Jesse Burton - Art Teacher
Miranda MacDonald - Music Teacher
Michael Fortier - Physical Education Teacher - web page

Stacey Sawyer - Teaching Counselor - blog - web page
Rachel Dunbar - School Counselor
Courtney Burns - Social Worker
Diane Knott - Gifted and Talented Coordinator - website
Christine KarcanesGifted and Talented Ed Tech - blog

Cecely Conrad - English for Speakers of Other Languages
Erica Woods - English for Speakers of Other Languages

Joanne Gauley - Technology Integrator
Special Education Staff
Cathy Larochelle - Speech/Language Pathologist web page
Lindsey Goodrich - Speech/Language Pathologist
Jenna Willey - Functional Life Teacher
Jami Haynes - Resource Program
Amy Hughes - Resource Program
Tasha Passmore - Physical Therapist
Gail Trefethern-Kelley - Occupational Therapist
Lisa Larrabee - K-12 504 Strategist
Brittany Taylor - Instructional Strategist

Kim Fadrigon - Instructional Leader K-8 
Learning Lab
Amy Spagnoli - Math Teacher
Kathy Shionis - Literacy Teacher
Kristin Woods - Alt. Ed EdTech

Educational Technician
Karen Bussiere - Spec. Ed. EdTech
Chris JohnsonSpec. Ed. EdTech
Barbara Meserve - Spec. Ed. EdTech
Lisa Shiers - Spec. Ed. EdTech
Gina Johnson - Spec. Ed. EdTech
Trisha Wilkins - Spec. Ed. EdTech
Christina Williams - Spec. Ed. EdTech
Cathy Stevens - Resource Room
Cheryl Thompson - Resource Room
Nikki Combes - Math/Literacy
Peggy Dean - Math/Literacy
Gael Ketch - Math/Literacy

Cafeteria Staff
Kitchen Manager
Rebecca Coleman, Assistant

Volunteer Coordinator