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Letter from the Principal




August 14, 2017


Dear Narragansett Families,


On behalf of the Narragansett School faculty, I am delighted to welcome you to the 2017-2018 school year!  We are fully committed to "growing hearts, as well as "growing minds."  As such, our staff will consistently engage students in an educational environment that fosters our core beliefs: compassion, courage, responsibility, respect and honesty.  Recognizing that YOU have been your child's primary "teacher" for many years, we welcome your partnership in the educational development of your child.


Please note that the master schedule at Narragansett School will be running on a color coded rotation this year.  Embedded within the Welcome Letter from your child’s new teacher will be a schedule of when your child will have specials (PE, art, music, library, etc.) this year.  Your child will have a different special each day of the week.  However, the day of the week will be determined by a new color-coded schedule (vs. a Mon-Fri. schedule).  All three elementary schools will be making this change, so that there will be greater equity within the specials rotations (given Monday holidays, Wednesday early releases, etc.) and to accommodate the schedules of shared staff between buildings.

The 2017-2018 school calendar will run on a five day color rotation in the following order: RED, ORANGE, YELLOW, GREEN and BLUE.  In a full five-day week, your child will have all five specials. However, the day of the week (M-F) may vary over time. For example, your child may have PE class on RED days.  However, red days may not always fall on a Monday.

We have created a color-coded calendar for the entire year for your reference.  (Please click here.) The colored days will remain unchanged all year long, even if there is a snow day.  For example, if we have a snow day on an orange day, we will skip that day and return to the next day of school (which would be a yellow day).

THANK YOU for your continued support in our partnership to make our Gorham schools an exceptional place for children to learn and grow.






Cynthia Remick

September is Attendance Awareness month!